The automotive industry employs some of the most creative marketing professionals for both their offline and online campaigns. With some of the largest advertising budgets in the world, auto manufacturers also represent one of the biggest consumer markets. So what can we learn from these huge international companies? Here are my top 10 tips for effective automotive digital marketing:

1) Ad Themes Resonate to the Customers

If you look at the online marketing campaigns pushed by some of the big names in the industry, like Volkswagen and BMW, you will quickly see that the themes of every advertising campaign is carefully planned to resonate with their target audience. There are rarely any changes made to effective campaigns – why fix/change something that isn’t broken?

2) Advertisements Across all Mediums are Consistent

No matter whether it’s about Facebook ads, Google AdWords, YouTube videos or email marketing campaigns, every effective automotive digital marketing strategy keeps the message to the users consistent across all mediums.

3) Not all Automotive Advertisements Serve the Same Purpose

Automotive manufacturers use advertisements to achieve different goals – from familiarising the customers with their latest models to pushing potential customers further down the purchase funnel. The insights needed to execute such digital marketing campaigns are gathered through traffic monitoring and user segmentation.

4) All Ads are designed to Add Value

All digital advertisements created by auto manufacturers engage with the target audience, while at the same time offer a lot of personalisation options, as well as useful information about the particular product. If you think this technique is new, it’s been around since the early days of digital media – car manufacturers were among the first to implement car configuration tools, which allow their visitors to create the vehicle of their dreams.

5) Online Videos Work Best for Engagement

Probably the most popular advertising medium employed by auto manufacturers is television, and with the growing popularity of online videos, it seems they are ready to make shift to digital media. Recent studies also confirm this growing trend – 62% of automotive companies plan to switch TV budgets to online videos!

6) Choose a Personalised Approach

The internet is becoming crowded with companies from many industries creating huge competition for visitors’ attention. The automotive industry is not an exception. The best way to build a solid customer base and improve customer retention is to employ a personalised marketing approach. It can include anything from personalised messages or emails to special promotions based entirely on customer’s previous history with the company.

7) Monitor and Respond to Customer Feedback

A great way to measure customer feedback is via surveys on a regular basis. However, it’s not only important to monitor how customers feel about your website, products or services, but also to actually implement their suggestions. The more feedback you collect, the better results you can achieve with digital marketing.

8) Keep it Simple!

No matter whether it’s about your digital strategy, customer support or any other aspect of your business – keeping things simple and convenient is the sure-fire way to succeed. A great example of simple, yet effective strategy for boosting customer satisfaction is an automated email system, which sends customers notifications when their maintenance appointment is due and also informs them when it’s ready to be picked up.

9) Create Special Offers and Promotions Regularly

Besides personal promotional offers, you need to organise special offers and promotions on a regular basis. Company birthdays, holidays and other special occasions are great for organising such specials.

10) Offer Valuable Advice

A common issue, specifically with automotive dealers, is the constant strive to push customers through the sales funnel and fail to provide high-quality content. If you provide valuable automotive advice, your customers will quickly begin to recognise you as one of the industry leaders. A great example is useful safety and maintenance tips; which car owners need to follow.