Having well-designed website is a must for any modern business, no matter its size. However, often business owners underestimate the task and don’t consider this wise investment at first. Sooner or later, they realize their mistake and acknowledge the need for professional online presence.

The time to commission a new website to represent your business identity has finally arrived and you should start to look for professionals or a company to help you complete the tasks within your budget. This is where many fail mostly due to poor communication and lack of knowledge. While it’s not your job to understand exactly how to develop a website, our 5 steps can help you understand the process.

Here is all you need to know when commissioning a website:

1) Research, Research, Research

First, you need to do research on the possible designs for your website and find one which matches your taste. The best way to get this information is by looking at the websites of similar business and direct competitors. Once you get a visual idea on what your website will look like, it’s time to start researching for professionals whose taste matches yours.
Besides the taste and specifications of the preferred design, it’s also important to consider the exact scope of your projects. Web professionals, especially freelancers, specialize in creating particular types of websites, so someone who’s great with small business websites may not be able to complete professional online store with hundreds of products.

2) Get to Know the Basics

You don’t need to strive to become a web developer or designer yourself, but you should master the basics related with online presence and websites. This will give you more insight on the work being done on your website and also help you design effective marketing techniques to promote your newly established professional web presence.
With professional web agencies, you will receive tons of advice and information on everything you need to know to create a successful website. This is why agencies are often the better choice when compared with freelancers.

3) Collaborate Effectively

The key to successful web projects is effective collaboration and clear communication. There is simply no way around this and you must be prepared to sacrifice a certain amount of time. Providing detailed direction to the web professional will also reduce the needs of additional customisations and project delays.

4) Understand Exactly What You Are Paying For

Once you’ve identified the professionals you will use for your new web project, all agreements made will be put in a contract, which will also contain information on deliverables, tasks involved and possible revisions. Make sure you read it carefully and make sure you understand everything written in it, also be prepared to leave a deposit before the actual work begins.

5) Be Honest

Before the actual development of your new website begins, the web design professionals will provide you with a design mock-up. This is where you need to tell honestly how you feel about the design – if you don’t like that’s fine, but you need to state it at this stage to avoid receiving a website, which kind of resembles nothing you’ve imagined.