Online marketing can quickly transform any small business into medium or large one within just few months, in some cases even weeks. While PPC is often the most preferred online marketing strategy, with effective content marketing strategy you can achieve more permanent results at lower price.

1)    What’s Content Marketing Anyway?

Over the past few years, due to multiple abuse attempts, Google introduced wide range of changes to its algorithm and content marketing became major part of search marketing. It involves creating relevant, well-researched content to present to your existing visitors and potential customers. To get any content noticed, you need to dedicate certain amount of effort to promote it to email subscribers, social media followers, regular visitors and also spread the word to targeted communities. Once the content is noticed by enough people, it will quickly be picked up by relevant, industry websites, helping you get even more exposure.

2)    How Content Marketing Can Help Future Business Growth?

Well-researched, industry specific content is what most people want, when they search online. Besides being incredibly effective way to attract new visitors and gain huge amount of leads, content marketing contributes to establishing your brand as widely recognized authority in the specific niche. There are numerous examples when this technique helped transform business into companies with international presence, my favorite example is HubSpot – the company employs content marketing in the form of PDF guides on various business related topics. To be able to download these well-researched guides, visitors are required to fill in subscription form and they are subscribed to specific newsletters.

A good content marketing strategy will include detailed schedules of publications and ongoing promotion via emails, PPC advertising and primarily via social media. In the long run, content marketing is effective way to generate large database of leads and increase sales via targeted promotion.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the key advantages of content marketing is the low cost per lead when compared with other online marketing techniques. While the main reason for that seems to be that content marketing actually consists of more than one online marketing techniques, I personally think that the results depend entirely on how successful the piece of content actually is – if you creating something that gets picked up by national newspapers and magazines, as well as many industry specific blogs, you are in for quite a treat. However, there are instances when specific content is not appealing enough to get picked up. There are many reasons for that to happen, but it’s definitely not a reason to stop – it’s better to revise your strategy and identify the exact reasons for that to happen.

3)    How to Ensure Effective Content Marketing?

As mentioned earlier, producing the exact type of content your audience needs is the key to the success of the entire strategy. However, this requires throughout research not only for industry specific topics, but also on the in-depth profile (persona) of the potential customer. The more data you are able to gather before initiating the content marketing campaign, the more targeted message you will be able to make.

Contradictory to the widespread opinion, content marketing is not one-time event, but consists of ongoing marketing efforts on regular basis. There is no way to purchase content marketing and just sit down to wait for the miracle to happen, effective strategies require a lot of work on implementation and if you can’t handle it alone – hire professionals.