When contending with SEO there can be several factors that need to be focused on. As well as ensuring current trends are being implemented, it’s also important to know what SEO elements are still relevant in 2019.

Breadcrumbs earn their name as they offer snippets of information scattered around the site that can make benefits both the website and the user in relation to navigation.

Although the use of breadcrumbs may be essential in some instances, there can some websites that function in a different way. This is how much of the confusion can arise, as those new to SEO can be unsure as to whether they’re needed or not.

To determine whether we need breadcrumbs are required for our website, we first need to look at what breadcrumbs are.

Breadcrumbs Based on Hierarchy

Breadcrumbs based on the hierarchy are the most common on websites and give website visitors an overview of the site structure. This can useful for online shoppers looking to find their way back to the main homepage,

Breadcrumbs Based on Attributes

When explaining different relationships of products, webmasters will often employ the use of attribute-based breadcrumbs. These will be in forms of links that offer products or services that are similar to what they’re already viewing.

Breadcrumbs Based on History

This form of breadcrumbs gives the website an overview of what pages have been visited. Although breadcrumbs are being used in 2019, breadcrumbs of this type are often overlooked in favour of a ‘back’ button.

In fact, those tasked with website design or search engine optimisation will recommend a ‘back’ button as it offers a seamless user experience.

The Benefits Breadcrumbs Can Offer

Even though not every website will make use of the breadcrumb method, those who do so in the right way can expect a series of benefits, including the following:

  • A Reduction in Bounce Rate
  • Enhancing the User Experience
  • A Positive Impact on Search Engines

Of course, webmasters shouldn’t rely on breadcrumbs alone, but sites with three or more tiers could find that the implementation of a breadcrumbs system can generate more covers ions and turnover in the long run.

Are Breadcrumbs Relevant in 2019?

As to whether breadcrumbs are relevant will depend on the hierarchy of the website. Breadcrumbs can be important on e-commerce and news sites. The general rule of thumb is that breadcrumbs should be applied to a website that has an infrastructure of more than three levels.

This doesn’t mean that conventional navigation should be overlooked. It’s about ensuring that both options are working in partnership to offer the best user experience possible.

The websites where breadcrumbs can vary, with single-level websites and landing pages being the exception.

Speaking to a professional will ensure that breadcrumbs are introduced in the right way and used in partnership with other SEO elements to ensure that your website meets the requirements of search engines such as Google and ranks accordingly.