Anyone who has had to contend with search engine optimisation will know that trends come and go, especially as Google are putting more effort into the kind of content that is put before browsers.

As such, it’s all-hands-on-deck when it comes to achieving results, and it’s important that any SEO strategies being carried out are ethical, otherwise, there could be serious ramifications for the website in the future.

The following is a brief overview of some of the SEO trends that can be expected throughout 2019.

Optimising User Intent

Keywords play an important part of your website, but it’s not only keywords being searched for that need to be considered. In some instances, the company must put itself in the shoes of the consumer and make some decisions as to what search terms would be used.

Of course, there is no crystal ball available when it comes to SEO but pre-empting some searches that could be carried out could make all the difference to a company’s turnover throughout 2019.

Mobile Optimisation

Mobile optimisation has been pushed to the forefront when it comes to importance in the last couple of years, but 2019 will really see mobile browsing cement itself as the primary method of accessing the Internet.

As such, Google will be introducing mobile first index, meaning that if a website isn’t optimised for mobile users, it could disappear into obscurity.

Optimisation for Voice Search

The Internet is being adopted in many ways, with it being part of everyday life as opposed to searching for information online. Voice-enabled devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home are becoming more prevalent in the home, it makes sense that companies should be optimising content to allow for these kinds of searches.

Again, it’s about the company establishing what kind of search terms would be used. For example, if a business deals with laptop repairs, then a relevant keyword could be “where can I get my laptop repaired?”

These phrases will often consist of up to nine words, so this exercise could be a combination of keyword research and establishing user intent.

2019 Will Produce Intense Competition

There’s no denying that competition is healthy, and in some instances, smaller companies can offer innovative products that the bigger players may not have considered. However, many corporations have in-house SEO teams salving away to ensure that their content is at the forefront of search results.

This may seem a little deflating to some smaller companies, but it’s ultimately about thinking smart. While it’s true that bigger corporations do have a higher marketing budget, they often won’t think outside the box when it comes to SEO.

As such, smaller business can make use of missed keywords, and well as other long-tail options. Sure, these keywords may not have as many searches as the more common ones, but it will mean that your company is capturing traffic that major companies are missing.

Not every company has the time to invest in SEO, but simply leaving the task on the to-do list could mean that you’re losing out on traffic, meaning that you’re losing more potential customers as a result. Speaking to an SEO professional can ensure that any investment made is making you a return, and gives the brand more online recognition as a result.