What is rank tracking?

Rank tracking monitors where urls are ranked on the search engine results page when specific keywords are searched for. By tracking url rankings regularly, it enables you to visualise trends that indicate the impact of SEO optimisation. 

Often competitors are monitored to compare where they rank against you as well as monitoring keeping track of keywords in different counties, devices, and search engines. 

Why is rank tracking important?

SEO gradually develops over time, meaning that results are not instant. Ranking is based on keywords that are targeted through new content  thank rank pages competitively. 

Rank tracking is important because progression can be monitored over time as well as highlighting any issues there may be. By allowing your ranking to progress, it means that you are communicating the value of your pages well to the search engines providing a better opportunity for ranking higher.

Main keyword rank tracking benefits

  1. Identify trends: understand what is working for you and your competitors, helping to focus on the keywords that are making a difference.
  2. Monitor competitors: see what your competitors are ranking for, highlighting their strong points to take on board and their weak points to avoid.
  3. Track KPI’s and strategy: Making sure that your site is being found by the right people searching for relevant keywords increases your opportunity to convert sales.

What are the best keyword rank tracking tools?

  • Ahrefs
  • Moz
  • RankRanger
  • ZEFO
  • Authority Labs

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