Learn More About The Hi-Tech, AI-Based Search Features Introduced By Google For Customer Satisfaction

People cannot imagine a day without using the Google search engine to look for vital information they need in their personal and professional life. Google has become the top search engine that delivers results to users within no time. To boost customer satisfaction, Google started using artificial intelligence (AI) in its search. Since 2015, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning in user search has yielded exceptional results. From its first search using AI named RankBrain, Google has deployed AI continuously for a better understanding of language. The results of incorporating AI has reflected in the improved search results provided to the users. Recently, Google announced new AI-powered features. Let’s read ahead to learn more about them.

The Latest AI-Based Features In Google

Google has introduced new updates that can enhance the search experience of users. It has introduced various ways to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) for enhancing search features. Boosting AI has resulted in improving the language understanding capability of Google. Investing further in AI technology has expanded Google’s understanding of information by encompassing images, videos, and real-world understanding. Here are some of the latest updates.

Searching Screen With Google Lens

Google has used artificial intelligence via the Lens Feature. A new update from Google allows users to search for information using Lens from the mobile screen directly. You can expect this feature to become available globally on Android devices within a few months.

Multi-Search Option

As the name suggests, it allows users to search for information using images and text simultaneously. Countries giving access to Lens features can enjoy this advanced update on their mobile devices in various languages. Users can search using a photo and specific search criteria in the text on Google to get the result they want. Also, Google now has the ability to search for information locally. It allows users to access what they need from their vicinity.

Immersive Features Of Google Maps

The new AI-powered feature can ensure an immersive view using Google maps. It can also facilitate the live view of the locations. The update comes with new features for drivers using an electric vehicle. People walking, biking, or using public transportation can also use this feature. Including advanced AI and computer vision ensures you can get the world’s rich digital model. You can enjoy an immersive view that combines billions of aerial images and street views. It also has information like traffic, weather, and the current condition of the roads at a specific location. The feature introduced in the US in English will become available globally within no time.

Keeping Up With The Latest Trends

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If you want to learn the artificial intelligence-based search features that are introduced by Google, then you can read the given information in this guide. Such kinds of features are introduced to boost customer satisfaction. This is all about giving them best search experience.

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