SEO Competitor Analysis Guide

What is SEO competitor analysis? And what will you gain from conducting this?

Have you been told that an SEO competitor analysis is an important part of marketing strategies, but still don’t know what it is? 

It is the process of researching and analysing the content strategies of competitors. This includes elements such as links and keywords.

An SEO competitor analysis can point out how effective current strategies are. As well as providing opportunities for growth by identifying competitors strengths and weaknesses and comparing them to your own whilst implementing the successful parts.

Importantly, if you do this well, it will result in you ranking higher than competitors meaning that potential customers will visit your website before competitors.

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How to do a SEO competitive analysis?

Trends are forever emerging and so it is important to regularly conduct a competitor analysis to stay up to date with industry trends. You can adjust to stay ahead of competitors and perform better every time.

The following points cover the key steps within the competitor analysis process:

  • Determine who your competitors are
  • Conduct a page analysis
  • Keyword research, focus on keywords with high ROI
  • Key topics research to cover
  • Create a plan in the form of a competitor analysis report ensuring all details are covered
  • Execute the plan
  • Monitor the progress

Benefits of an SEO competitor analysis:

Benchmarking: understand where you are performing in comparison to your competitors, enabling you to measure your growth.

Identify Value: identify your product’s value proposition to communicate the difference between your products and services and competitors.

Industry standards: highlight what your competitors are doing successfully and use it to perform better than the industry standards.

Opportunities: highlight what your competitors are not doing so well and take advantage of their strategy by implementing the highlighted opportunities that they are missing.

Fulfil consumer needs: convert their consumers to your brand by offering them what they require using the highlighted weakness that point out what they are not providing but should.

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