What is a heat map?

A heat map is a visual graph that uses colour to show varying degrees of a certain metric, representing the engagement on a page. It uses a hot and cold system, showing hot when sections have high interactions and cold when they are low.

What is heat mapping marketing?

Heat maps are a useful tool for marketers because they enable the analysis of how many people interacted with different areas on a webpage. Heat Maps can be created through eye tracking, click tracking, and mouse tracking. 

What is heat mapping good for?

Heatmaps can accompany a marketing team when optimising a website, it can help to improve the experience of visitors, by placing what they are looking for where there is more chance of it being seen based on the sections that have a high volume of views/clicks of mouse hovers. 

So the heat maps provide you with information based on users behaviour to enhance your website effectively to provide a slimline journey for your existing and new customers. 

When is it best to use a heat map?

  • Website redesign: While you redesign your website, you can ensure that you place elements in the most effective place so that you create a better user experience.
  • Website testing: If you conduct A/B testing then heat mapping could be useful to see how the users interact differently with the layouts of the different designs, does one generate more conversions than the other?


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