What is conversion rate optimisation?

Conversion rate optimisation focuses on increasing the conversions on a website by enhancing it to encourage website visitors to take the desired action (for example: filling a form or becoming a customer). The process involves understanding your users journey through the site and what is stopping them from moving through your site, before then content ideation and testing for specific elements on your website, that when improved increases conversions.

Why is conversion rate optimisation important?

Conversion optimisation allows you to lower your customer acquisition costs because the existing customer value increases. Therefore, for every customer, your revenue will increase and gradually your business will grow as you acquire new customers. Constant improvement is essential to continue to grow your business.

How to calculate conversion rate?

To calculate your conversion rate you will need:

  • Number of website visitors
  • The number of conversions

Use those key figures by dividing the number of conversions by the number of website visitors and multiply that number by 100 to get a percentage. See below:

Conversion rate = number of conversions ÷ the total number of website visitors × 100

Where to implement conversion rate optimisation strategy?

There are key locations on your website that have the best chance of benefiting from conversion rate optimisation. These typically include the pages that receive the most traffic or conversions, including the following: 

  • Homepage
  • Pricing page
  • Blog
  • Landing pages

Other areas you may want to consider are the pages that are underperforming their expectations and in comparison to other pages. 

How does conversion rate optimisation benefit SEO?

Although CRO does not directly impact the search engine rankings or the organic website traffic it does benefit it in the following ways:

  • Customer insight: Understand your customers and their needs, and helps you to find the customers that need your products or services.
  • ROI: You gain higher value from customers, and existing customers are likely to convert more meaning new customers are not always essential.
  • Scalability: Even without a grown customer base, your business can grown by turning browsers into buyers.
  • User experience: By making the website easy for users to use, they are likely to stay for longer, so implementing that more around your site will encourage them to engage.
  • Trust: By having a professional website that answers all of the potential customers questions and lets them easily navigate their way through the site, the customers trust is enhanced. Therefore they are more likely to convert by purchasing online through your website.

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