SEO content optimisation

What is SEO content optimisation?

SEO content optimisation uses key focus words within written content that helps the website to rank in search engines. 

Search engines rank pages or blogs by figuring out what the content is about so that it can catalogue it correctly within the search engine. Therefore it is important to tightly focus pages and specific topics. For example NXTWEB have a page for SEO and a page for PPC rather than combining all services together.

Is SEO content optimisation important?

Google announced that content is a crucial part of being successful with SEO. By optimising your content for SEO it helps your content strategy to be successful by improving visibility on search engines, helping to increase organic traffic. 

The more traffic means that there is more opportunity to convert customers.

How to optimise content for SEO?

Choosing the right topic is essential to answer the questions that your customers are asking and care about, therefore using forums, analysing competitors’ tops and using a persona can be useful to ensure the right topic is targeted.

Once the topic is chosen, keyword research around the topic is important to rank for that subject on google. To find out what users are searching for currently, use google suggests to predict long tail keywords. Other free keyword platforms such as Uber Suggests can be used to indicate relevant short tail keywords. 

By selecting the right keywords in the content, gives your website a better opportunity to rank higher on search engines meaning that potential customers are likely to find you.

Things to consider when optimising content for SEO:

  • Length of content 
  • Readability
  • Tone of voice
  • Formatting
  • Keywords
  • Linking 
  • Alt text

SEO Services?

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