Technical optimisation

What is technical optimisation SEO?

Technical optimisation SEO is a way of improving your SEO but is not related to content. It improves the website’s technical aspects which increases the ranking of its pages in the search engines. By optimising technical aspects, the website can be crawled much quicker and can be easily understood. 

Why is technical optimization important?

Essentially technical optimisation ensures that there are no issues that may prevent you from ranking on a search engine results page. Technical optimisation is important for gaining organic traffic. Your content could be the best content on the internet, however it is not easily visible to your target audience if Google can not crawl it to rank it and therefore few people will see it.

Why should you optimise your site technically?

Google wants to create the best possible experience for their users by presenting them with the best results for their search queries. Google robots determine your authority by crawling and evaluating your website. If your website is technically optimised then you will be rewarded with higher rankings.

It is important to get this right! As the opposite can also happen, if mistakes are made it is harder or sometimes impossible for search engines to entirely crawl your website.

What are the benefits of technical optimisation?

  • Fast loading time
  • Crawlable for search engines
  • Minimal dead links
  • It doesn’t have duplicate content 
  • Secure

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