Instagram Creator vs. Business Account: Which one should you choose and why?

Are you an Instagram creator and using your Personal or Business account to share content with your followers? If you are, we hate to break this to you: you’re kind of on the receiving end. You’re fundamentally missing out on some fantastic features which become accessible only once you create an Instagram Creator account.

What is an Instagram Creator account, anyway? Why can’t I use a Business Account?

Instagram Creator accounts exist especially for content creators who make their bread and butter by creating and sharing content. These are professional and publicly accessible accounts used by some of the most popular influencers, artists, models, photographers, and videographers today.

Now, the fact of the matter is the creator economy is here to stay, so if you’re making a living off creating content on Instagram, it only makes sense to have an Instagram Creator account which faithfully showcases who you are and what you’re offering. It’s also a great way to stand out from all the noise.

While Instagram Business accounts may be ideal for, say, brands, organisations, local businesses and retailers, Creator accounts are absolutely perfect for artists, influencers, photographers, content curators, public figures, etc.

Technically, you could still sell your brand, ideas or product using a Business account or even Personal account, but you’d essentially be losing out on some very useful features and benefits.

If you’re not sure why you should use a Creator account to sell your product, services, concept or idea, consider the following:

Reasons to choose a Creator Account over a Business Account on Instagram

Business accounts do not let you access popular music from well-known artists due to, you guessed it, copyright. And, this is incredibly important when it comes to creating content – to be able to use great music when crafting video content for your ‘Instagramers’ to see.

With a Business account, you simply won’t be able to use popular or mainstream music because artists typically don’t feel too thrilled to have their name tied in with a brand, product or service – unless, that is, they endorse it themselves. With a Creator account, you don’t have to worry about that.

This alone is a key benefit to consider as you don’t want to be stuck using royalty-free music only. Instagram Reels, much like TikTok videos, rely very heavily on original music and can be the stepping stone for a video going viral. Attach the right song to your Reel, where the video is exposed to a specific song’s hashtag, and you can potentially reach a much wider audience net.

What’s that now? You’re still struggling to establish your own brand or company? We bear good news! You’ll find that many Instagram Creator profiles exist today to support influencers and creators who don’t have a business yet. So, go right ahead – as long as you have an audience to target, you can use Creator’s powerful features to build your own personal brand on Instagram and across other social media channels too.

When you sign up for a Creator account, you can be a part of a community where you get to interact with other like-minded content creators and gain additional tips, insights, and a plethora of useful information available only to industry insiders.

Does this mean that Business accounts are a complete no-go?

Well, not exactly.

Both Creator and Business accounts on Instagram are nearly the same now in terms of features, so having a Business account with auto-publishing might be worth considering, which isn’t available with Creator. The ability to auto-publish and schedule posts in advance does seem like an important benefit to weigh against.

Instagram offers both type of accounts so that both the categories of people we listed at the start of the article can enjoy the features they need to succeed.

A Creator account is great and works wonder for artists and content creators, although a Business account may help you unlock specific insights, which may be the key to success.

If you do end up switching to Creator, then that’s brilliant! Just make sure that if you have an existing business, you need to make it a personal brand before kicking things off.

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